When I’m Gone (EV)

23 Januari 2009 pukul 23:59 | Ditulis dalam Nggombal..!!!, Seoul Women University | Tinggalkan komentar
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I just realize that I’m no far away from them when I’m in Pelabuhan Ratu, about 5 km from Canaan. There, I see beautiful sea wave and funny fish swimming in the water. I’m starting to miss them.

I remember Hye Kyeong Nuna smile and I’m disapointed for not have many conversation wiht her when we were together. I remember the way Kimong calls me and sorry for the strange relationship between us when we were in Canaan. I should not distrub Kodomo too often so she angry to me.

Pelabuhan Ratu bus station is not a busy station. There are not many interisting activities happen. Almost 2 hours I’m waiting for a bus to Sukabumi there. (So, where is the bus!!) Not many people come and go here in this 2 hours.

Tomorrow is Jeong Kyeong birthday and I’m sad cannot be there just to say “Happy Birthday”. I don’t know Yoo Jin closer and I cannot know her plan to Jeong Kyeong tomorrow. Su Hong and Eun Hye must be so noise tomorrow.

In Pelabuhan Ratu to Sukabumi trip, I try to sleep. But all that i see is their smile. All i hear is their laugh. I also hear a man who sing a sad song(Mr, can you shut up please..!!). Everythings are not help me.

I want to meet Hana once more and call her “nDut”. I want to acting and looking attention in the front of Da Un’s camera. I also want to laugh at Youn Ju’s asymetrical funny pony hair.

My lunch in Sukabumi bus station is my first lunch without them in last 10 days. And this is my first lunch that i not should say “one eat for 4 hours works” before I start lunch. There is no Kim Chi anymore in my plate. There are only a scream of bus machine out there.

I’m chasing Bandung and run for bus to Kudus, my hometown. But’ their shadow always chase me and I cannot run go away. I see a man who use a bag with Korean letter and I remember them. When I see a old woman use a orang t-shirt, I remember their orange t-shirt. When I see a young man with a narrow eyes, I remember their eyes. Maybe I never met them anymore.

I sleep along Bandung to Kudus journey. My dream is not about them anymore. When I arrive in Kudus, I realize that I’m very far away from them…


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